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Bulk Opt-in email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses Emails in form of Newsletters regarding your Products Offers etc. Means of communicating commercial messages to an audience in large sums is way to generate business leads. Many forms of bulk email marketing actually turn up in the spam folder of several receivers. Bulk email marketing is a great form of communication where we can enhance the relationship with current customers or previous customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. Bulk email marketing is also great for adding advertisements to emails sent by other companies to their customers as Sponsor.

Some advantages to using bulk email marketing are:

  • Email Marketing Affordable: This is cheapest way of marketing. Email Marketing is new way of direct marketing without any individual to go at customer end. A Creative / e Mailer / Flyer will go to customers/prospects Inbox.
  • Email Marketing is immediate & fast: Anyone can use the service for sending proposal, email newsletters, promotions, and announcements etc within few hours or minutes
  • Email Marketing is effective: You have to reach a target market, you may choose to use your existing data or purchase new data, Emailer is salesmen of your business.
  • Email Marketing is measurable: You can measure the results in terms how may emails were ‘Opened’, how many clicked on particular link given in the mailer. Best Way to generate business leads
  • Generate traffic on Website. Measure your website traffic through UTM code on e-mailer’s links.

Features of Email Marketing Services / Application:

  • It is an Email Marketing Web Application
  • Send from your email id, reply will come on your emails without using your domain details
  • No need of your Domain Name, No SMTP Server and No Your DNS Server
  • Data Management, Segments, remove duplicates, Bounce Emails Management
  • Build HTML Templates, Custom emails formats/ Text Format
  • Email Scheduler, you have to just start email campaigns and off the PC
  • Track report of open, bounce and send emails

We do email campaigns for promotions and leads generation services

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